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• Cost and sodium reduction in creamy potato soup with meat

AJI-AROMA M-M100 has great synergy with aromas and extracts and boost their performance. Thus, it is possible to use smaller doses of these ingredients, reducing the cost of formulations and keeping the same sensorial profile.


• Sodium reduction in instant noodles

AJI-AROMA M-M100 permits to develop formulations with low sodium content that optimize the relation between sensory quality and cost impact. With this, your product will have:

• Enhance the meat's specific note

• Impact improvement and flavor filling

Flavor intensity test x cost
(direct comparison between standard and tests)

Sodium, cost, flavor, standard, test 1, test 2, test 3

Test 1 - Same sensory quality as the standard

Test 2 - Intermediate solution in sensory quality and cost

Test 3 - Same cost as standard

All with sodium reduction of 781 to 586mg/5g of seasoning

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Meat products

• Reduction of undesired flavors with AJI-AROMA M-M100

AJI-AROMA M-M100 masks the perception of undesired flavors, such as KCl, MDM and soy protein residues. Therefore, it is an interesting alternative to achieve sodium reduction and cost savings.

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