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• Better use of meat trimmings

ACTIVA® enables a better use of meat trimmings through restructuring. The technique consists in binding meat trimmings by mixing them with ACTIVA®. Then, the mixture is put in proper molds according to the desired format of the final product and let to rest at 5°C / 4 h. Finally, the trimmings are bound and ready for portion control.

• Formed beef - CHUCK

With ACTIVA® you may add value to raw materials by restructuring pieces of turkey breast. The benefits are evident:

• Creation of new products;

• Obtainment of controlled portions;

• Excellent binding capacity (uniform product with a similar appearance to the fresh meat product);

• Added value to raw materials (reduction of losses and costs);

• Improves juiciness and tastiness.

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Sausages and ham

• Cost savings

It is possible to reduce the cost of formulations of several meat products using ACTIVA®.

It allows to increase the extension of products without damaging important characteristics such as firmness and elasticity.

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• Reduction of losses when slicing ham

The application of ACTIVA® also allows texture improvement of meat products (ex: hams and bologna sausages).

The proteic crosslinking strengthen the texture of these products, resulting in greater firmness and elasticity. Thus it is possible to reduce the amount of broken slices, increasing slicing yield.

Fig.: The use of ACTIVA® significantly reduces the waste of material during slicing. In the case of the ham evaluated above, there was a 59% reduction in the amount of broken slices (1mm thick).

• Sodium reduction in sausages

Along with the negative impact in the flavor profile, sodium reduction is even more negative for the quality of meat products. It decreases water holding capacity, resulting in worse slicing yield and characteristic texture. In these cases, ACTIVA® acts directly on these parameters, providing more elasticity, firmness and juiciness to products.

Fig.: Variation of the firmness in sausages with 25% sodium reduction.
The use of ACTIVA® helps to reduce sodium without compromising the
characteristic texture of products.

• Loss reduction by cooking sausage

It is commonly noticed that the use of ACTIVA® contributes to increase slightly the proteic water holding capacity.

Besides juicier products, this effect results in greater cooking performance due to the strenghtening action of ACTIVA® on the meat proteins.

Fig.: The application of the Transglutaminase ACTIVA® helps to reduce the cooking loos of meat products. The graphic above shows the results obtained in cooked sausages, with 18% of loss reduction.

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