What is ACTIVA®?

ACTIVA® is a line of products based on transglutaminase, an enzyme which enables quality improvement, healthiness and cost savings in protein foods, such as meat products, dairy, pasta and bakery.

Its active principle is the transglutaminase enzyme, that binds the proteins of foods and improve their characteristics. These bonds are stable and do not break with heating or contact with salt and phosphate.

ACTIVA® works as a processing aid and is produced through starch fermentation proccess.


Transglutaminase enzyme, vehicle and pertinent additives for each application.


ACTIVA® offers many advantages for the food industry, like quality improvement, performance increase, cost savings and sodium reduction.

Check out in Applications section how ACTIVA®? can help your company with such benefits.


ACTIVA® offers specific benefits for each type of food, and can be used in protein foods such as meat products (beef, pork, poultry and sea foods, sausages, hams, bologna sausages, as well as dairy products*, pasta and bakery).

Restrutured Hams and sausages Dairy Bakery Fresh pasta

Formed/Restrutured Products
- optimized use of meat trimmings
- portion controlling (size/shape)
- increased juiciness

Hams and sausages
- improvement in firmness and elasticity
- support to sodium reduction
- optimization in the slicing performance
- cost saving of formulations
- reduction of cooking losses
- increased juiciness

- viscosity increase
- reduction in syneresis
- cost saving of formulations

- improvement of texture quality for breads
- productivity increase
- cost saving of formulations

Fresh pasta
- increase of the firmness of the pasta
- reduction in the costs of formulations

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Use Recommendations

The dosage of ACTIVA® changes according to the type of food and the desired objective in each application.
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The bonds formed by ACTIVA® are stable and do not break after heating or contact with salt.


Variable according to preparation.
After opening, we recommend to vacuum seal the original package, freeze and use it within 30 days.


Bags of 1 kg and boxes of 10 kg with 10 bags of 1 kg.


Keep in a dry and cool place.
After opening, vacuum seal the original package, freeze and use within 30 days.